First look at the Elder Scrolls Online Craglorn patch notes

By Michael Jamias
elder scrolls online craglorn first patch notes

Over the weekend, Elder Scrolls Online developers dumped the first patch notes for Craglorn, the upcoming first major content update for the mmorpg. One thing to keep in mind: These Elder Scrolls Online Craglorn patch notes are meant for the closed test server and will likely change before they hit the live server.

Elder Scrolls Online veteran content

Like other new rpg games online, Elder Scrolls Online will pack in a lot of new content, features, improvements and fixes in the Craglorn patch in order to entice players who are just ending their 30-day free play to subscribe.

Under the "big changes/updates/new features" category, developers highlighted the arrival of the namesake Craglorn adventure zone designed for four-man Veteran Rank players. It will be located between Cyrodiil and Skyrim, and you can access it through new quests available in three locations: Mournhold, Wayrest and Elder Root.

The Craglorn patch will also usher in Hel Ra Citadel and Aetherian Archive, two 12-man Trials which will require "excellent" coordination and skill for your group to overcome. Groups attempting these Trials will start with 60 Soul Reservoirs, and each member resurrection will reduce this number and the attempt will fail if your group wipes and has no Soul Reservoirs left. This means that your group can completely wipe for only 5 times during the course of the Trials and after that will no longer be able to resurrect dead members, so groups will need to work together to minimize the casualties per fight.


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