Elder Scrolls Online's first adventure zone revealed

By Tam Mageean
elder scrolls online craglorn

Today, Zenimax Online Studios unveiled the first Elder Scrolls Online content update feature; the adventure zone, Craglorn.

It's common with new mmorpg's to see the first glimpses of content updates emerge, but Zenimax have taken it to a whole new level. Elder Scrolls Online has barely seen the light of day, launching a mere 3 days ago, but the developers are already keen to strut their stuff, and showcase why the subscription-based mmo is worth the $15 a month investment.

Craglorn lies along the border of Skyrim and Hammerfell, near Bangkorai and the Alik'ir desert, and has been built with 4-player, Veteran ranked gameplay, all the way up to Veteran Rank 10. However, the new trailer portrays a Rank 12 Veteran, suggesting that there may be more Craglorn Veteran content beyond the horizon.

The additional content boasts large group content, challenging group bosses and even 12 player, PvE trials; complete with server-wide leaderboards and rewards.

The new trailer has reinvigorated the perception of subscription mmorpg gaming, in an era where free to play mmo games have been reigning supreme; showing that with subscription services, you can get what you pay for. Provided the updates are consistent and as detailed as Craglorn, this could be a significant notch on the subscription mmo industry's belt.


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