Latest Elder Scrolls Online AMA tackles armor, ammo and blocking

By Michael Jamias
elder scrolls online combat armor ammo blocking

The second and latest Ask Me Anything (AMA) installment for Elder Scrolls Online also clarifies questions on weapons and class skills.

In the lengthy AMA, developers revealed that all three armor types – whether heavy, medium or light – will have distinctive looks. This should provide some dress-up possibilities to rpg games fans, and help players easily identify the type of armor that an opponent is wearing in order to determine a plan of attack.

Another fan asked whether projectile weapons will be needing ammo, and the answer was that Elder Scrolls Online will not be implementing ammo “as of now.” Basically, projectile weapons will be able to shoot forever.

The upcoming MMO will also follow some classic rpg conventions when it comes to blocking. Block actions consume Stamina, and will somewhat restrict player movement (players can still move but only at walking speed.) Blocking also isn’t restricted to shield users only; in fact, all weapons users can block, but shield users will obtain the biggest damage reduction. Running out of Stamina further diminishes your Blocking effectiveness. Blocks can also mitigate ranged physical attacks and spell projectiles.

On the matter of weapons and their impact on class skills, developers said class spells have ranges that are independent of the weapon a player equips. What your choice of weapon does affect greatly is whether you will be able to use your slotted weapon skills. Luckily, there will be a weapon swapping command to switch between your main and backup.

For those who crave for abilities with utility, rejoice—“the vast majority of abilities are focused on utility rather than damage.” Damage will come from choosing between “light” and “heavy” weapon attacks instead of coming directly from abilities.


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