Elder Scrolls Online's beta begins

By Tam Mageean
elder scrolls online beta

The moment has finally arrived! Most of us haven’t seen Elder Scrolls Online in the flesh since the early convention and expo demos in September. However, at long last, mmorpg fans and Elder Scrolls fans alike can finally get their hands on the immensely anticipated beta test.

This weekend sees the first batch of Elder Scrolls Online beta sessions roll out, and with wave after wave of beta keys being issued all week, they can expect to see a horde of heroes lined up at the gates, today at 6pm EST, as the preliminary trial opens for business for the first time. As the April launch date edges ever closer, we can expect to see more and more beta activity for the mighty mmo.

To prime their wanton warriors, the Elder Scrolls dev team issued a notice today, to explain the importance and sheer gravity of this beta launch, and how we got to it in the first place.

“We’ve invited a massive number of players worldwide to this session to help us get ready and test all of our systems at high volume.”

Players are primed and ready, and the ESO squad are encouraging beta testers to explore, antagonize and interrogate every element of the new virtual world of Tamriel, and take every opportunity to test the games boundaries.

“We need you to get in there, be persistent even when you encounter issues, and push all of our systems hard…with your help, we can uncover problems and solve them before launch.”

Are you one of the lucky ones who managed to nab a beta key? If so, we hope to see you online! Let us know your thoughts on it in the comments section below.


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