Elder Scrolls Online bans thousands of cheaters

By Michael Jamias
elder scrolls online ban cheaters

Fear the banhammer, all you rule breakers in Elder Scrolls Online!

That was the resounding message from Bethesda and ZeniMax as they issued Elder Scrolls Online permanent bans targeting botters, speed hackers and gold spammers.

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Elder Scrolls Online community manager Jessica Folsom said thousands of accounts owned by these in-game cheaters have been banned thanks to player reports and also their own efforts to detect unsavory activity.

Here's Folsom's message announcing the first round of Elder Scrolls Online bans:

"Today, we made our first major strike against those who choose to cheat in ESO, permanently banning thousands. This is only the beginning of our ongoing efforts to keep the game free from botters, speed hackers, and gold spammers. We want to thank everyone who has sent in-game reports about these individuals in ESO—your reports helped us identify many of the accounts we banned today. Please continue to report any botters, gold spammers, and speed hackers you see in-game, and we’ll continue our efforts to keep them out of Tamriel."

Like other popular mmorpg games, Elder Scrolls Online is clamping down on automated botting, speed hacking and gold spamming -- all of which go against the fair play policies for the online rpg.

Gold spammers, in particular, have been mushrooming and flooding zone chat with advertisements for gold.

A downside to the crackdown is that some players claim to have been unfairly banned. Contesting the bans can lead to a reversal and we've seen anecdotes of players receiving a week of free game time as compensation for any inconvenience caused.



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