Elder Scrolls Online devs answer questions on Cyrodiil and PvP

By Michael Jamias
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To cap off the year, Elder Scrolls Online developers entertained an Ask Us Anything session on Cyrodiil and PvP.

Among the revelations is that Cyrodiil is a huge and highly dynamic PvP battleground filled with tons of players, aggressive NPCs, stronghold keeps and loot.

Fans should not underestimate its map size and level of activity, and instead consider it as the epicenter for all things PvP in the dark online rpg. We got the impression you can spend day after day in this PvP pit and not run out of things to do or enemies to fight.

Speaking of keeps, these strategic outposts will take a substantial number of players and time to capture, especially if defended well, making them exciting clash points. Keeps also tend to grow more formidable the longer an alliance controls it, with its walls, doors and NPC guards becoming stronger at repelling invaders over time.

But to balance out the equation and make keep control more dynamic, attackers get access to special siege weapons like rams that can help break down the sturdiest of keeps.

Low-level mmo characters can access Cyrodiil, and developers said they aren't necessarily at a major disadvantage since they can group up or even take outplay an overconfident level 50 character.

Participating in PvP earns you points to reach 50 PvP ranks. Along the way, you'll earn 25 titles and grades as recognition for your achievements. Inexperienced PvP players have every incentive to defeat higher-ranked opponents and earn more Alliance Points for winning.


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