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By Michael Jamias
elder scrolls online ask character progression

In the latest Elder Scrolls Online Ask Us Anything blog post, developers described in more detail how character progression systems will work in the online rpg by answering fan questions from around the world.

First, the game makers confirmed that there will be an option to re-allocate attribute or skill points but players will need to pay a gold fee. But they said the MMORPG is designed to hand out a lot of points so characters in the early stages may be able to shift their progression path without even needing to pay for a points reset.

Players are also encouraged to try new armor or weapon skill lines. Developers have removed the penalty of starting out in new gear -- "You can attack and defend normally, just like with the weapons or armor you were using before" -- the only difference being that the active and passive abilities in the new skill line won't be available.

While it's fun to try out new skills and abilities, players who focus on developing a core set of abilities will be rewarded by being allowed to morph them into a more powerful version.

It's not enough though to keep on killing enemies to advance all skill lines. Each skill line will progress based on various parameters. For example, class and gear skill lines advance by gaining leveling experience from quests, new area discoveries and other similar tasks. Crafting skill lines advance after completing various crafting activities. Mages and Fighters Guilds go up after collecting books or killing Daedra, respectively. PvP will even have a couple of skill lines that ramp up when fighting other players and participating in Cyrodiil sieges.

Finally, developers assured that they are already looking at balancing the passive and active abilities, including placing soft caps on stats and applying diminishing returns when you go over those soft caps.


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