Elder Scrolls Online AMA talks stealth, magic and UI

By Michael Jamias
elder scrolls online ama stealth magic

The sixth entry to Elder Scrolls Online's Ask-Me-Anything series offers a grab bag of enlightening answers.

Developer Bethesda first revealed how stealth will work in the upcoming fantasy online rpg. "If you are in stealth, you will be invisible to enemy players unless they detect you. It will take more than just a casual look in a stealthed player’s direction to uncover them." Players need to activate such abilities as Magelight, or risk falling prey to stealthed ambushers. This is to compensate for the fact that characters can now easily turn their view around unlike in previous titles.

Schools of magic has also been confirmed to be "a little different" in Elder Scrolls Online. Players will still be able to summon weapons, armor and atronachs but they may not be all housed under the Conjuration school.

Magic is also an optional skill for classes, which opens up a very viable path for completely non-magic based character builds. Players can do this by simply investing skill points only in weapon and armor skill lines. Developers also suggest looking into Fighters Guild abilities.

The Elder Scrolls Online AMA also touched on the customizability and flexibility of the user interface. Developers said the UI layout is built with mostly static windows, which means they cannot be moved around, but MMORPG fans will be able to download and use UI mods to configure their UI as they see fit -- whether it be on the PC or Mac versions.


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