No more Elder Scrolls Online NDA

By Michael Jamias
elder scolls online nda lifted

Now you can blab about all the goings-on in Tamriel with Zenimax lifting the entire Elder Scrolls Online Non-disclosure Agreement.

With the NDA lifted, everyone who has been pre-testing the MMORPG but can freely share to their family and friends just how awesome a time they're having leveling a Nightblade or outplaying another Alliance in PvP.

As of this posting though, there is no ongoing beta event so there should be a lull before the surge of Facebook posts, Twitter tweets and forum screenshot uploads hyping the online rpg.

What exactly can you reveal about Elder Scrolls Online with the pesky NDA gone?

You can capture and share footage and screenshots to be uploaded on any site or social network you choose, and even live stream your gameplay questing and raids.

There's also a no-holds-barred policy on divulging information about the game, so expect the Elder Scrolls Online databases to start booming in content from quests, items, skills to zones. You can also expect a mushrooming of class guides, zone walkthroughs and impressions reviews all over the Internet.

A good thing about this is you can actually get a better gauge on whether Elder Scrolls Online is the right game for you and whether it’s something you would want to try out in beta or buy straight on launch day.


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