Elder Scrolls Online dungeon AMA talks lockout timers + more

By Michael Jamias
elder scolls online dungeon ama

From questions on lockout timers to wayshrines to cookies, this latest Elder Scrolls Online dungeon AMA answers them all.

Fans asked Elder Scrolls Online developers about how dungeons will work in the upcoming mmorpg, which will be heading to the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and came away with a handful of answers.

First, Elders Scolls Online dungeons will not have lockout timers like those implemented in other rpg games online. "You can run through a dungeon as often as you like," developers said.

Some dungeons will offer some branching paths, and will have convenient exits. But while there are some branching paths, there will be no maze-like dungeons that are too difficult to navigate because developers want the challenge to be mainly about defeating the bosses and not finding your way around a labyrinth.

Solo players can take on dungeons on their own, but there will be dungeons completely meant for groups only. Dungeons will not have level restrictions, but those who find it too difficult now can always come back at a higher level or with a group of friends to conquer the content.

Developers said that there will be player alerts to signal whether a dungeon can be soloed or will require a certain party size.

"While we want dungeons to make you a bit nervous, they are supposed to be fun affairs. If you’ve never gone through a dungeon with friends, it is definitely one of those things you don’t want to miss," said the developers.

Each dungeon will have Wayshrines should players die and fail to be resurrected by party mates. "You will never be forced to leave your party because you died," assured the developers.


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