Elder Scrolls Online News

Elder Scrolls Online Plus trial announced
There's nothing like a free offer to tempt an mmo player into upgrading their subscription level with an online game, which is what ZeniMax is hoping for. They have announced that they will be offering a free Elder Scrolls Online Plus trial for non-subscription players to give them a taste of the full game for a limited time. What is interesting is that there's no strings attached and they really mean a full free trial of ESO Plus membership....
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Jul 03 2017
Early access for ESO Morrowind begins
Fans of the Elder Scrolls franchise of games are rejoicing today as one of the iconic settings is making its way into the Elder Scrolls Online mmorpg. ZeniMax has announced that the Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind early access has begun, which is a full two weeks before its official release date of June 6th. Players will now be able to travel to the iconic island home of the Dark Elves and partake of quite a few adventures.The features of the ...
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May 22 2017
Elder Scrolls Online reveals the Halls of Fabrication
A lot of Elder Scrolls Online players are eagerly looking forward to the upcoming Morrowind expansion, which arrives on June 6th. The region that gamers explored in the third title of the franchise will finally be coming to the online rpg. One of the elements of the expansion is a new trial, and a developer blog released today reveals quite a few details of the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online Halls of Fabrication trial.The Elder Scrolls Online ...
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May 08 2017
Elder Scrolls Online third anniversary event
It's hard to believe, but it's been three years since Elder Scrolls Online officially launched. Many gamers, myself included, wondered if a true mmorpg could be created that captured the feel of the single-player franchise, but those fears have long been dispelled. Now players can help celebrate the Elder Scrolls Online third anniversary by partaking of some tasty virtual cake.The Elder Scrolls Online third anniversary event finds Chef Donolo...
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Apr 03 2017
ZeniMax gets Elder Scrolls Online player housing right
Player housing is often an online rpg feature that can divide players. Some players consider player housing to be nothing but fluff while others consider it an integral part of their gameplay experience. Personally, I'm a big proponent of player housing in online games as I think players deserver their own slice of virtual real estate to call home and just be able to relax. The new Elder Scrolls Online Homestead update is adding player housing to...
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Feb 14 2017
How to solve the mmo class balance problem
There have long been many debates that have raged within the mmorpg games we love to play. Players have endlessly argued about the merits, or lack thereof, of crafting, player housing, open world PvP, and much more. One facet of online games that always gets more than its fair share of scrutiny is the question of class balance. It's a given whenever a new online game is being developed that players will continually ask how mmo class balance will ...
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Dec 28 2016
Elder Scrolls Online Crown Crate debate
As mmorpg games have switched from being subscription-based to being free-to-play or buy-to-play, developers have looked for new ways to generate revenue. One proven method is the cash shop, which is usually stocked with consumables, mounts, services (such as extra inventory and bank space), and cosmetic gear. Another method, which has led to considerable online discussion, is the selling of mmo lockboxes that contain random items, and it seems t...
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Aug 22 2016
Elder Scrolls Online Style Parlor preview
Every player wants their character to be unique and stand out, which is why so many players spend a great deal of time on customizing their appearance. The Elder Scrolls Online mmorpg has a pretty robust character creation system, but said system is now going to be even more functional when the next update launches. ZeniMax offered a preview of the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online Style Parlor feature coming to the game.In the official Elder Scr...
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Jul 26 2016
E3 2016 roundup
The E3 2016 convention has come and gone. For a few short days, the eyes of the video gaming world were upon this gathering in Los Angeles as hardware and software companies showed their upcoming projects to an eager crowd. There was a lot of gaudy presentations with all the bells and whistles included to get the gaming press and other attendees hyped up. So did anything of note happen on the mmorpg front? Find out in our E3 2016 roundup.Befo...
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Jun 26 2016
Should mmo testing for new content require players?
In a perfect world, every aspect of an online rpg would be thoroughly tested and vetted before being released to the live servers. This would mean that every feature and system of the game would run seamlessly and there would be no issues. However, the reality is that we don't live in a perfect world, and a lot of mmo content is released that may contain some bugs. The testing of mmorpg content differs somewhat between the initial development and...
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Jun 17 2016