Eden Eternal gets a major update

By Tam Mageean
eden eternal update

For the first time since its Reawakening patch, Eden Eternal has undergone a major update.

The mmorpg has received a huge overhaul, including three new maps and four new dungeons.

The level cap has skyrocketed, from and already impressive 75, to the dizzying heights of level 100.

The three new maps are a trail map, known as The Eloise Plains, a lakeside landscape called Hayward Seavale and the mysterious Durango Kingdom; an ancient, long lost city.

Eden Eternal Reawakening

In the update, the entire mmo realm has been ravaged by a meteor strike and players have been called to investigate the new terrain, the dungeons within, in an attempt to quell the torn, smoldering landscape.

The new dungeons include a vast, gaping meteor crater and a fortune filled cave in the Eloise Plains, and an ominous tower in the now-found Durango Kingdom. The Durango Kingdom also holds the forth dungeons too, "The Lyernfalo", although nothing has been revealed about it yet.

Along with the new features, some dungeons are being upped to level 80 in difficulty, while guilds are going to be able to rise to level 10 and the racial crafting ability has been refreshed and updated.

If you'd like to try out the newly updated Eden Eternal, be sure to click on our link.


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