Unlock the Sage Class in New Eden Eternal Expansion

By Michael Jamias
eden eternal sage class expansion

Eden Eternal is making players work hard for their new playable class, the Sage, which only gets unlocked after finishing a set of trials in the game’s new expansion, Shadows of the Past.

“Completion of these trials will fully unlock the new class,” said Eden Eternal developer and prolific rpg maker Aeria Games. “Players will need to challenge the Sage’s old enemies—the Shadowers—who have resurfaced in the present.”

The Sage is the first class in the free online rpg that requires any form of challenge unlock.

“This is the first time that the lore has had something tied to the world’s past, a compelling story of the corruption of the Zumi race and why there are no Sages anymore,” said Andy Muesse, producer. “This expansion hits home for all of our users, and we’re very excited to keep this perennial favorite updated with lots of great content for our players.”

The new expansion for the fantasy MMO also introduces plenty of other content for PvE players, including an increased level cap to 70, three new maps for questing and exploration, and four challenging new dungeons.

But PvP players, who have no new toys to play with in the Shadows of the Past expansion, will have to make do with the recently added 10 vs. 10 arenas, said Aeria Games.


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