Eden Eternal Reawakens with New Update

By Josh Wirtanen
eden eternal reawakens with new update

Eden Eternal, the anime-inspired MMORPG from Aeria Games, is turning two years old. For its second birthday, the game is getting a massive update.

Titled The Reawakening, the update includes a graphical update that brings smoother animations and better lighting effects. There's even a new intro video and loading screen.

Additionally, the user interface has gotten an update to make it easier to use for both newbies and longtime players. This includes a larger UI and expanded chat window features.

There have also been some additions to the Loyalty shop, which made its first appearance back in January. According to an official press release: "Players can now visit the newly debuted Loyalty Shop, where they can spend hard-earned Loyalty Points (now obtainable through questing and defeating monsters) to get a wide variety of rewards. The Loyalty Shop offers helpful utility items such as crafting materials, blueprints, and stat boosts. Players interested in flaunting their style can choose to obtain vanity items such as costumes and mounts."

Another addition to the game is the double-jump, which should allow players to get into places they've never been able to reach before. Surely, this is good news for adventurous explorer types.

Eden Eternal is free to download and free to play.

Eden Eternal Reawakens with New Update


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