Hefty holiday expansions hit Eden Eternal and Grand Fantasia

By Michael Jamias
eden eternal grand fantasia holiday expansions

The two mmorpg games from Aeria Games simultaneously release expansions for the wintery weeks ahead.

Eden Eternal launches the Everwinter Knights expansion, which the developer said commemorates this festive time of the year and the arrival of its newest class, the Dragon Knight, which can be unlocked through an epic quest line.

The Everwinter Knights expansion also raises the level cap to 75, rolls out new skills and abilities for existing Eden Eternal classes, and patches in some of the strongest gear in the game called Awakening Armor. The world expands as well with three new zones – Hot Wind Valley, Dawn Plateau and Destruction Eden – and three new instances for dungeon crawling, namely Hidden Mountain Trail, Rose Land, and Temple to Evil.

Meanwhile, Grand Fantasia activates the Return to Wonderland expansion. It offers a wallop of new challenges, including a new level 90 dungeon, the Mutated Forbidden Temple, and a quest line to save the Mother of Gaia tree. Cosplayers in the free online rpg can also dive into battle in their favorite vanity gear through the newly implemented Costume Alchemy System, which bestows appearance gear with stat boosts.

Both Eden Eternal and Grand Fantasia will also hold their respective winter holiday events with amusing decorations, quests and rewards to complete while they last.


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