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eden eternal update
For the first time since its Reawakening patch, Eden Eternal has undergone a major update. The mmorpg has received a huge overhaul, including three new maps and four new dungeons. The level cap has skyrocketed, from and already impressive 75, to the dizzying heights of level 100. The three new maps are a trail map, known as The Eloise Plains, a lakeside landscape called Hayward Seavale and the mysterious Durango Kingdom; an ancient, long lost ...
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Mar 12 2014
eden eternal grand fantasia holiday expansions
The two mmorpg games from Aeria Games simultaneously release expansions for the wintery weeks ahead. Eden Eternal launches the Everwinter Knights expansion, which the developer said commemorates this festive time of the year and the arrival of its newest class, the Dragon Knight, which can be unlocked through an epic quest line. The Everwinter Knights expansion also raises the level cap to 75, rolls out new skills and abilities for existing Ede...
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Dec 21 2012
eden eternal reawakens with new update
Eden Eternal, the anime-inspired MMORPG from Aeria Games, is turning two years old. For its second birthday, the game is getting a massive update. Titled The Reawakening, the update includes a graphical update that brings smoother animations and better lighting effects. There's even a new intro video and loading screen. Additionally, the user interface has gotten an update to make it easier to use for both newbies and longtime players. This inc...
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Jun 21 2013
eden eternal sage class expansion
Eden Eternal is making players work hard for their new playable class, the Sage, which only gets unlocked after finishing a set of trials in the game’s new expansion, Shadows of the Past. “Completion of these trials will fully unlock the new class,” said Eden Eternal developer and prolific rpg maker Aeria Games. “Players will need to challenge the Sage’s old enemies—the Shadowers—who have resurfaced in the present.” The Sage is the first c...
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Aug 12 2012