Eclipse War Online begins open beta testing

By Tam Mageean
eclipse war online open beta

Hotly tipped as one of the big up and coming mmo games of 2014, Eclipse War Online is now ready for public testing, and the open beta floodgates have opened.

The in-development, fantasy themed mmorpg pits you in the heart of an immense war, where two races compete for control of the continent of Karis. In a unique twist; as you progress through the game, you will pick up cards of the enemies you defeat, granting you the ability to transform into them. Bare in mind, however, that your enemies will be doing the same.

The mmo combines quest-style rpg gaming, with the "living world" and looting experiences found in most big mmorpg realms, the 3-lane, towers-and-minions PvP format found in a classic MOBA game and, seemingly, the animal collecting elements found in the JRPG scene; rolling them all into a single, massively multiplayer game.

Eclipse War Online screenshot

Since the successful, closed beta, the devs have improved character creation, card trading and the PvP system, eliminating a bunch of smaller bugs along the way. In addition, the team have advised players to "treat this play time as a normal gameplay period" and that there's currently no plans to data-wipe before the next development phase.

The Eclipse War Online open beta is available to download now from the official Play ROHAN portal, provided you're a member of, although it's easy enough to sign up, if you haven't already. To register and download the beta, click here.


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