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  • Dynasty Warrior: stretching

    Dynasty Warrior: stretching
    Here is our Dynasty Warrior stretching in his house....
    Dynasty Warrior: stretching

    Dynasty Warrior: battle

    Dynasty Warrior: battle
    Zone into battles with enemy armies or other players. It appears that we're alone fighting an entire army....
    Dynasty Warrior: battle

    Dynasty Warrior: fighting

    Dynasty Warrior: fighting
    Maybe we should've brought a few friends? No worries, these guys die easily. We can deal with an entire horde of them by swinging ...
    Dynasty Warrior: fighting

    Dynasty Warrior: show off

    Dynasty Warrior: show off
    Reward for fending off the enemy army? A cut scene showing off the moves!...
    Dynasty Warrior: show off

Dynasty Warriors - First Look

Dynasty Warriors - First Look

Dynasty Warriors Online is a combat oriented free to play MMORPG developed by Tecmo Koei and published by Aeria Games. Based on the iconic Dynasty Warriors franchise that originally released way back in 1997, 15 years on and Dynasty Warriors Online is the first MMO adaption for the critically acclaimed title and includes a large variety of the much loved features from the original console titles.

Dynasty Warriors Online offers players a MMORPG based character creation and progression process. Players can create their very own Dynasty Warrior using a large selection of available customization features such as hair styles, skin tone, size and facial hair. Your character is not forced into any particular class or role in battle, instead your characters abilities and skills are based on the current weapon you have equipped. This allows every character to switch class almost at will, with a large number of weapons available such a Boomerangs, Fans and 2-handed swords, some weapon types are exclusive to Dynasty Warriors Online, never before featured in the series. Players begin their journey as a simple recruit but over time, and with enough skill, you can eventually become one of the infamous Great Generals, similar to the ones available in the console titles. As you level, you're rewarded with stat points, you can freely allocate these points whenever you please, giving you total control over your characters progression.

Dynasty Warriors is all about the hack n slash combat, and Dynasty Warriors Online follows the console tradition perfectly. Players can battle against massive armies of NPC units, wave after wave of enemies that want you dead. Thanks to the large variety of weapon types and abilities, you can dispatch entire armies in a matter of a few minutes, creating a highly intense battlefield each and every time. Players are not restricted to shortening the lives of AI units, there's also extensive PvP options available such as PvP duels and Territory Wars. Any Dynasty Warrior fan is sure to love Dynasty Warriors Online, it has all the features of the original titles blended into a MMORPG, a mix that a fan cannot afford to miss.

By Rachel Rosen

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