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  • Dungeons the Dark Lord: camera

    Dungeons the Dark Lord: camera
    Choose between 'standard' or overhead camera to better see the area around your dungeon lord....
    Dungeons the Dark Lord: camera

    Dungeons the Dark Lord: skills

    Dungeons the Dark Lord: skills
    As your dungeon lord gathers soul energy and gold, they can gain and upgrade skills to use....
    Dungeons the Dark Lord: skills

    Dungeons the Dark Lord: thirdperson

    Dungeons the Dark Lord: thirdperson
    This third person mode gives your dungeon lord 15% higher stats but you cannot change your dungeon from this view....
    Dungeons the Dark Lord: thirdperson

    Dungeons the Dark Lord: summon

    Dungeons the Dark Lord: summon
    Summon monsters to your dungeon by having goblins man your pentagrams....
    Dungeons the Dark Lord: summon

Dungeons the Dark Lord Gameplay

Dungeons the Dark Lord Gameplay

Dungeons the Dark Lord is the stand-alone expansion pack to the strategy and simulation online rpg Dungeons from RealmForge. Dungeons the Dark Lord offers a brooding set of new features, including a fresh campaign consisting of eight heart-pounding missions, all of which are fully scripted and voiced.
This expansion add-on builds on the story of the original Dungeons game, where as the deposed ruler of the underworld you vowed to climb back on top even it meant snapping a few heads along the way. Gameplay is still mostly the same in Dungeons the Dark Lord as it was in the original title – you play the role of an evil dungeon lord that tries to fulfill the aspiration of heroes exploring your dungeon just before you kill them and harvest their plump little souls. It’s a twisted take on dungeon running, like taking the role of the evil boss in an online rpg.

As a dungeon lord seeking power and infamy, you seek to collect three resources: gold, soul energy and prestige. Gold can be earned by mining it in the dungeon map or looting hero corpses. Soul energy is farmed from fallen or tortured heroes. Meanwhile, prestige is earned from gaining the admiration of heroes who encounter your gimmick decorations inside the dungeon. Adding gimmicks is a great way to customize the look of your dungeon and also power up your demon character. Dungeons the Dark Lord adds around 25 new prestige gimmicks. Those yearning for a change in dungeon scenery should also be pleased with the brand-new ice cave setting, which includes the indomitable Yeti as its resident boss monster. There is a noticeable improvement in graphics quality, which you will notice when comparing screenshots between this new expansion and the original Dungeons game.

Dungeons the Dark Lord also introduces four new multi-player modes – Deathmatch, Piñata, King of the Hill and Survival. A chilling new ice cave dungeon was also added. Four previously unplayable bosses – Minos, Zombie King, Calypso and Dungeon Lord – will also be unlocked in this expansion pack. Developers even threw in a Dungeons Map Editor to allow creative types to create their custom single- and multi-player maps. Additional DLC packs unlock dozens of new maps. Very few RPG Games let alone strategy games will put you in the shoes of a dastardly dungeon lord, so if you’re feeling a bit naughty instead of nice, pick up a copy of Dungeons the Dark Lord or at least giving the fee Dungeons demo version a try.

By Rachel Rosen

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