Get Dungeonland + 7 other Paradox games in Humble Weekly Sale

By Michael Jamias
dungeonland paradox humble weekly sale

The Humble Weekly Sale features developer Paradox Interactive, offering eight of their games for one low bundle price.

True to the Humble Bundle charity spirit, players will be able to pay anything to purchase six Paradox hit games, plus two more if they pledge to pay more than the all-time average.

As of now, the all-time average is at $5.80, so those who pay less than that can score the following Paradox strategy and rpg games online:

- DungeonLand
- Europa Universalis III (complete)
- War of the Roses: Kingmaker
- Warlock: Master of the Arcane
- Leviathan: Warships
- The Showdown Effect

Players who pay more than $5.80 or whatever is the all-time average at point of purchase will unlock two additional games:

- Magicka
- Crusader Kings II

So far, 140,000 bundles have been sold so far with 5 days to go before the Humble Weekly Sale ends, and another online or MMO developer gets featured.

If the games aren't enough, purchasing the bundle also unlocks the soundtracks for each of the eight games.

There is also a bonus option to pay $125 to unlock an eye-popping 48 Paradox games and 20 soundtracks, including those mentioned above.

A portion of the proceeds for the sale goes to the American Red Cross and Child's Play charities, with fans able to tweak how their pledges are apportioned between the developer who made the games, the Humble Bundle team who is marketing the charity bundle, and the charities themselves.


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