Dungeon Fighter Online shuts down

By Michael Jamias
dungeon fighter online shutdown

Dungeon Fighter Online taps out of the gaming scene starting the cash shop closure on April 11 before the complete shutdown on June 13.

While developer Nexon did not provide a lengthy explanation on why Dungeon Fighter Online will not live to brawl another day, it said that it is terminating the game in order "to focus on enhancing our other game offerings."

For us, this reads between the lines as: “The MMORPG did not make enough money to be worth our continued effort. Other higher-earning rpg games deserve our attention.”

Fans of the scuffling sidescroller can only take comfort in the severance package Nexon plans to roll out. This includes compensation for the purchase of Permanent, Durational and Consumable items bought within the past six months. The compensation will be scaled depending on the time of purchase, with those bought 30 days prior to item shop closure receiving 100% discount in NX Prepaid currency.

The compensation packages will be given out after the April 11 maintenance.

Those looking for transfer opportunities are out of luck as Nexon will not be allowing the transfer of characters or skills to other country versions.

Dungeon Fighter Online players on Xbox Live should breathe a sigh of relief though. Nexon said the Xbox Live version is supported by Nexon Korea, and will thus continue to operate.


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