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Dungeon Fighter Online events
Depending upon where you live, spring break is just around the corner. While getting some time off from school is always a good thing, it can be difficult to fill all those extra hours. However, there is a solution for those who love playing free mmo games. Neople have announced that there will be five Dungeon Fighter Online events that will last through April.The details of the five Dungeon Fighter Online events are: Rise, Adventurers!: For...
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Mar 22 2016
dungeon fighter kunoichi class video
Sneak, stab and singe -- that seems to be the M.O. of the new Kunoichi class that's coming in the Dungeon Fighter's December update. The full details of the Dungeon Fighter Kunoichi class have yet to be revealed, but we do know that she is “a master of the chakra weapon and the shonan ninjutsu.” Developers also uploaded a special video that suggests the unique skillset she will be employing in the action mmorpg.Now, wasn't that too cute? We...
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Nov 30 2015
Dungeon Fighter Online adds Female Slayer class
Many mmo games have a troubled history, and Dungeon Fighter Online is one that could write their own book on the subject. The game has bounced around various publishers over the last decade, essentially never leaving an alpha testing state. However, that all changed when developer Neople decided to firmly take the reins back in their hands. A few months ago, the game officially went into beta, and the improvements have been coming since then. The...
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Jul 08 2015
dungeon fighter online trailer
The torment of Dungeon Fighter Online has hit many gamers hard. The struggling title has flipped across producers and publishers since 2005, bouncing in and out of launch statuses and has been locked in alpha testing, on and off, for almost the entire decade. In October, at long last, mmo fans were greeted with the announcement that Dungeon Fighter Online's developer, Neople, would be taking on the onus of all-in-one developer and publisher and ...
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Mar 24 2015
Dungeon Fighter Online open beta begins March 24th
Fans of Dungeon Fighter Online, the action-packed online rpg, had their hearts broken almost two years ago when the game was shut down. However, it seems that you can't keep a fighting game that has attracted a cult following down for the count. Neople is bringing the game back via the Steam portal and have announced that the Dungeon Fighter Online open beta will begin on March 24th.It was just a few days ago that Neople CEO In Lee announced ...
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Mar 12 2015
dungeon fighter online returns
From 2005, through to last summer, Dungeon Fighter Online soared among the best of them in the world of mmo gaming. Part classic beat 'em up, part mmorpg, Dungeon Fighter Online was an action packed festival of color, dynamic effects and hit points flying all over the place. The game was a huge success accompanied by its own Manga and Anime TV runs, not to mention a cult following of fans. Originally published by Nexon and Hangame, the battle R...
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Sep 24 2014
dungeon fighter extortion
As the ongoing war against cyber crime continues, two Dungeon Fighter gamers have been fined and jailed for extorting another player out of over $6000 in online property. It was over a year ago that the two unemployed men, from Sichuan Province, China were paying their way by selling their in-game goodies for real cash in the side-scrolling mmorpg when they picked up a taste for extortion. Back in March, last year, the two stumbled upon an equi...
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Jul 28 2014
dungeon fighter online shutdown
Dungeon Fighter Online taps out of the gaming scene starting the cash shop closure on April 11 before the complete shutdown on June 13. While developer Nexon did not provide a lengthy explanation on why Dungeon Fighter Online will not live to brawl another day, it said that it is terminating the game in order "to focus on enhancing our other game offerings." For us, this reads between the lines as: “The MMORPG did not make enough money to ...
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May 14 2013