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  • Dungeon Fighter: choose your class

    Dungeon Fighter: choose your class
    Out of the 8 available classes in Dungeon Fighter Online, we'll pick a mage....
    Dungeon Fighter: choose your class

    Dungeon Fighter: tutorial

    Dungeon Fighter: tutorial
    You start in a tutorial that teaches you the controls of the game....
    Dungeon Fighter: tutorial

    Dungeon Fighter: kill monsters

    Dungeon Fighter: kill monsters
    Dungeon Fighter is a 3D side scroller. Stand next to monsters and use abilities to kill them....
    Dungeon Fighter: kill monsters

    Dungeon Fighter: rewards

    Dungeon Fighter: rewards
    When you clear a dungeon, pick from one of 4 possible rewards....
    Dungeon Fighter: rewards

Dungeon Fighter Online Gameplay First Look - HD

Dungeon Fighter Online Gameplay First Look - HD

Dungeon Fighter First Look - Old Version of the game -

Dungeon Fighter First Look  - Old Version of the game -

Dungeon Fighter Online is an arcade based MMO fighting game that combines various combat mechanics from some of the most popular beat 'em up games of all time. Dungeon Fighter Online is delivered using a unique art style that can be compared to the early Street Fighter games, providing players with intense PvE and PvP battles using fully real-time combat and abilities. The game is client based and is quite a large download, which often puts players off, but Dungeon Fighter Online provides a unique flash based demo that can be played in your internet browser. Giving MMO fans a chance to test and play the game before committing to a large download.

Dungeon Fighter Online allows players to take control of up to 7 different combatants. Each fighter is unique in terms of appearance and abilities, and has access to a large variety of combo skills. Each combatant has their own unique fighting style, giving players the option of finding a character that best suits their skills. In order to unlock and improve skills, players must complete dungeons and defeat enemy players to earn skill points. These points can then be spent improving current abilities, or unlocking news ones. Players use abilities in a typical MMORPG fashion, placing them on a macro bar and assigning a hot-key, although this sounds restrictive it makes combining skills and abilities effortless, creating a fast-paced combat system that provides fluid abilities and animations.

The combat zones in Dungeon Fighter Online are 2D graphically, but do offer a certain amount of 3D movement. This allows skilled players to dodge opponents attacks or attempt to attack from behind to cause extra damage. There are a large variety of maps available, from brawls on city streets to intense fights inside a bar.

Dungeon Fighter Online offers both PvE and PvP features, catering to all types of players. PvE is mainly about the dungeons, a sequence of rooms filled with enemies that must be defeated in order to progress to the next room. PvE rewards players with skill points, items and in-game currency, making it a worthwhile task in order to strengthen your fighter. PvP works in a similar way but instead relies on 1v1 battles and tournaments, offering a pulse-pounding PvP rush unlike anything you'll find in another MMORPG game.

By Rachel Rosen


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