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  • Dungeon Defenders: character

    Dungeon Defenders: character
    Choose your class and customize your character. We'll be using a mage today....
    Dungeon Defenders: character

    Dungeon Defenders: level

    Dungeon Defenders: level
    As you complete waves, remember to level up. Extra abilities can be the difference between survival and failure....
    Dungeon Defenders: level

    Dungeon Defenders: defend

    Dungeon Defenders: defend
    Defend your base at all costs. Should the monsters destroy this, you lose....
    Dungeon Defenders: defend

    Dungeon Defenders: turret

    Dungeon Defenders: turret
    Place turrets to fill in weaknesses in your defense....
    Dungeon Defenders: turret

Dungeon Defenders Gameplay

Dungeon Defenders Gameplay

Dungeon Defenders is a 3D tower defense and multiplayer online rpg game from Trendy Entertainment. The land of Etheria is under siege from a long-forgotten evil and players must stop the endless waves of minions seeking to destroy the world by going to the field of battle and summon defensive structures on a given map. Each player starts the game picking one of four classes -- the spellweaving Apprentice, the mystical Monk, the eagle-eyed Huntress and the protective Squire. All classes specialize in a certain type of gameplay which are reflected in their skills and tower abilities. Squires, for instance, can put up walls and other barrier-like defenses that then allow the hero and the rest of his team to hack through the stuck mobs.

Like most tower defense games, Dungeon Defenders imposes one simple rule: Stop the monster invasion at any cost. Failure to keep the enemies from reaching and destroying the Eternia Crystals will result in defeat. The single-player campaign offers increasingly challenging sessions. What begins as protecting a single crystal against intermittent patches of mobs will eventually escalate to defending multiple crystals versus vast hordes of enemies. Survival will often depend on how fast you can master the layout of a given map and if you can act quick enough to replenish defenses at designated choke points. In addition to the traditional tower defense elements, Dungeon Defenders also offers RPG Games fans a slice of character development to keep them invested. Heroes earn experience and level up during a single round of Dungeon Defenders, and can be equipped with powerful items looted in battle, including weapons that can be leveled up for even better stats. Unfortunately though, these do not change the outward appearance of your hero, which can be a bummer for fans who like to change their looks ala MMO.

Aside from the single-player mode, Dungeon Defenders offers very dynamic local and online multiplayer modes. Up to four players can team up and defend on a single map. The game supports a local splitscreen feature for well-coordinated LAN sessions, as well as auto-join and auto-leave functions to make sure that those who quit a match can be easily replaced. Dungeon Defenders can be bought via Steam either as a single-player copy or as a four-player bundle for cooperative fun. It has DLC content packs that can be downloaded separately, and which unlock additional gear for heroes and missions.

By Rachel Rosen


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