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  • Drift City: turns

    Drift City: turns
    Hold shift and use your arrow keys to make sharp turns....
    Drift City: turns

    Drift City: over the top

    Drift City: over the top
    Drift City has a bit of an 'over the top' feel. Races start off with an 'intense' countdown full of graphics to get you hyped up....
    Drift City: over the top

    Drift City: repair

    Drift City: repair
    Did you crash mid-race? Don't worry. We all get our own personal mechanic that can fix the car up in a matter of seconds....
    Drift City: repair

    Drift City: store

    Drift City: store
    The in game store lets you buy upgrades or customizations for your cars....
    Drift City: store

Drift City First Look

Drift City First Look

Drift City is a unique, cell-shaded racing game available to play for free on the Games Campus portal. Drift City is home to a variety of features that creates high-octane races against other players and AI controlled vehicles. Unlike other online racing games that focus on gimmicks such as weapons and items, Drift City is all about the individual driving skill of each player, creating a skill-based driving game unlike anything else available on the internet.

Adding to the skill-based element of Drift City is the combo system. Every racer has a boost bar, an ability that drastically increases a cars speed, but the boost bar must be filled to be able to use it. Players can fill a boost bar by combining various dangerous driving maneuvers, allowing skilled players to combine these maneuvers to increase their boost speed at a fast rate. The dangerous driving options available in Drift City include things like driving on the wrong side of the road, overtaking cars in close proximity and performing Hollywood type stunts off of various huge jumps across the city.

There's a large variety of vehicles available for players to drive, all of which can be customized inside the Drivers Dome. The Drivers Dome is an instanced area where players can purchase new cars from the dealership or find new parts to improve their current cars from the Spares Shop. The amount of cars and upgrades available allows for hundreds of variations, creating highly distinct racing experiences each time you hit the track.

Drift City also includes a guild-like system known as Crews. Crews in Drift City are far more involved in the game than traditional guilds as they can participate in large-scale races for reputation and cash. Players can join a Crew at any time and are able to challenge other Crews to races. It's a great MMO feature to get players involved in the game, adding energy fueled races that can be spectated by anyone on the same server.

By Rachel Rosen

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