The Battle is On as the Dreadnought Open Beta is Live

By Jeff Francis
Dreadnought open beta live

Gamers looking for something different than playing a sword-wielding elf are in for a treat as they can now roam the skies in their own personal battleship, raining destruction down upon their foes. The Dreadnought open beta is now live, allowing PC gamers to join in the sci-fi mayhem in the action-packed free mmo. Who doesn't want to play a mercenary captain in charge of a million-ton vessel of destruction?

The launch of the Dreadnought open beta comes complete with new content, courtesy of the game's most recent update. Of primary interest is the new Ixion map, a unique battlefield between land and space. This map is the largest map in the game, which is located 60,000 kilometers above the equator of Titan, the largest of Saturn's moons. The map features massive space elevators that carry goods between the surface and the central orbital ring. Teams will vie to maintain a strong position within the towering vertical space.

Gamers can now enjoy new map variations as part of the Dreadnought open beta. The Rings of Saturn and Red Sands maps now feature darker, more shadowy atmospheres for more tactical possibilities. The mmo also now features greater ship customization, allowing players to attach parts from a Hero Ship to a standards ship of the same subclass that has been unlocked with credits. Overall, this game of team-based aerial combat looks like a ton of fun.


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