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Dreadnought open beta live
Gamers looking for something different than playing a sword-wielding elf are in for a treat as they can now roam the skies in their own personal battleship, raining destruction down upon their foes. The Dreadnought open beta is now live, allowing PC gamers to join in the sci-fi mayhem in the action-packed free mmo. Who doesn't want to play a mercenary captain in charge of a million-ton vessel of destruction?The launch of the Dreadnought open ...
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May 16 2017
Dreadnought PlayStation 4 version announced
Console gamers better begin preparing themselves for some epic bruising and brawling aerial battles. Yager Development has announced that they are working on a Dreadnought PlayStation 4 version of the sci-fi mmo where players take on the role of commanding a massive flying battleship. There is no official timetable for the launch of this console version, but the developers do plan on having a beta some time in the first half of 2017.The Dread...
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Dec 05 2016
dreadnought founder packs closed beta
A couple of Dreadnought Founder packs are out, and purchasing them will net players a bunch of in-game goodies like hero ships and flashy emblems, plus guaranteed access to the upcoming closed beta. Both the Hunter Pack ($9.99) and more expensive Mercenary Pack ($39.99) can be bought here with details on what exactly you will get for either Founder pack. You can only buy one Hunter Pack and one Mercenary Pack per Dreadnought account. It's ...
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Apr 27 2016
Dreadnought developer files for insolvency
The world of the independent game studio is one that is fraught with peril and economic uncertainty. One year can bring success and prosperity while the next could bring famine and despair. It's being reported that the Dreadnought developer, Yager, has filed for insolvency after being dropped from working on the Dead Island 2 game. Yet it appears that the development of the sci-fi battleship mmo will not be affected by this situation.Apparent...
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Aug 03 2015