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Dreadnought is an action sci fi game created by Yager Development and published by Grey Box. Game adventures take place in a world ravaged by war. Unlike some MMO games that force players to choose a faction before starting a character, Dreadnought allows users to become mercenaries that are not affiliated to any country or nation. They will freely roam the galaxy and fight for whoever pays best. Players start with nothing more than a basic battleship. Rewarding tasks such as bounty missions help players advance. Mercenaries must prove they have what it takes to become the best in this ruthless business.

Gameplay and all other Dreadnought feature focus on a single element: the battleships. Developers are big fans of classical sci fi movies and wanted the players to feel just like Captain Picard commanding Enterprise or Admiral Adama in charge of Battlestar Galactica. Battleships are a real asset to all Dreadnought mercenaries. These huge space vessels allow them to travel the galaxy in search for missions but their real worth is shown in combat. They are so powerful that they can blow up entire planets to dust. To satisfy all players needs, Dreadnought offers multiple types of customizable ships. Taking care of a ship is just like managing a playable character in an online RPG. There are modules that can be changed and upgraded to provide a specific functionality or to enhance certain ship parameters. Weapons, defense systems, engine and crew can be customized. Players are also able to design unique ships by choosing from lots of cosmetic options. Dreadnought ships can be categorized based on their class and size. The smallest ship is a scouting vessel that is similar in size to Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon and the largest is close to the giant Battlestar Galactica. Svarog, Triton and Paragon are other types of Dreadnought ships.

Players can choose between two types of content: single player story mode episodic missions or multiplayer scenarios. Dreadnought combat is tactic and fast paced. Combatants have a wide third person view of the battle map. Classic modes like team deathmatch are available to those that wish to test their PvP skills. There are also original modes that don’t allow players to respawn after their die. Dreadnought team decided to opt for a free to play MMO model without any subscription costs. Game balance and providing a fair experience to all users are top concerns for all people involved in this project. Dreadnought is built using Unreal 4 that renders great graphics and details.

By Rachel Rosen


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