Sky-based player housing dawns on Dragon's Prophet

By Michael Jamias
dragons prophet sky player housing

Infernum has teased the new player housing system for Dragon's Prophet which sets up homes way up in the clouds.

Keeping in theme with the dragons that populate the mmorpg, each sky house will form part of whole villages established on floating islands called collectively as the Auratian Sky Archipelago. Players will be able to build and customize their own homes in what Infernum has described as having "sandbox" possibilities.


Players can choose to erect a simple hovel or go all out to construct a towering mansion. Of course, more ambitious homes will require more time and resources. Each plot of land will have a corresponding rent, and bigger homes will of course require more expensive decorations such as furniture crafted by specialists, or purchased either from other player crafters or from NPC merchants in the town tavern. More than 200 housing objects will be available during the open beta, including boss kill trophies where players can display collected body parts of their most legendary kills.

Like other free online rpg games, Dragon's Prophet will provide players control over who gets to enter their sky homes. Owners can provide permissions to their sky homes and even authority to re-arrange furniture as they please, but of course these permissions should not be handed out carefully to trusted comrades with a proven skill for interior decorating.

Even the simple task of choosing a lot will be contentious. Guilds will vie to secure neighboring plots to found their respective guild towns. There will be a limited number of islands capable of housing "a couple of villages and a massive castle," the latter of which Infernum said will be the focus of massive guild battles. Players can expect massive cross-server PvP battles to intensify with tangible residential territory now at stake.


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