Dragon's Prophet Shows Off Ironfang Fortress Dungeon

By Josh Wirtanen
Dragon's Prophet Shows Off Ironfang Fortress

Dragon's Prophet, the fantasy MMORPG from Runewaker Entertainment, has recently launched its 1.1 Update, titled “Spirit of the Red Flame," which included four additional dungeons. A brand new video has just been released, which gives players a look into one of the dungeons, Ironfang Fotress. The video can be seen below:

An official press release gives some more details about the dungeon: "Arguably the most extraordinary fight is the final duel against King Kabbal the Insatiable, who circles the battlefield in his mighty chariot, battle-axe in hand. Only by separating him from his vehicle can players stand a chance to slay him and collect the treasure he has stashed away."

King Kabbal the Insatiable makes an appearance in the video, but he's not the only boss players must tackle in the dungeon.

The press release goes on: "But before the chariot bursts into the arena and the king challenges the players, there are four other beasts that need to be brought to their knees. First, bold adventurers are confronted by the son of the former ruler of the Ironfang Giants, Organdel the Inexorable, and his gigantic war-hammer. After that, players will encounter Jhendal the Ravenous, the King’s sister, who is guarding the pantry of the fortress. The third boss, Kuark the Enforcer, is a foul, redheaded dwarf and responsible for training the others. Even though his actual fighting skills are average at best, one shouldn’t underestimate his endurance and willpower, because of those among the Ironfang Giants, no one has killed more enemies than him. Before the final duel, players will have to overcome Yark the Silent, the most dangerous of King Kabbal’s officers and the guardian of the last remaining bridge leading to the Ironfang Fortress. Once these four mighty bosses have been eliminated, the path to Kabbal the Insatiable, king of the Ironfang Giants, is clear."

In addition, Dragon's Prophet will be making an appearance at London AnimeCon 2013, which is happening July 21st and 22nd at the Rocket Complex of London Metropolitan University. Attendees can take part in a three-hour Dragon's Prophet game session in the LAN Zone on Sunday, from from 12pm to 3pm.

The festivities include a cosplay competition, the winners of which will be taking part in the AnimeCon Cosplay Masquerade.


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