Dragon's Prophet prepares for its first raid

By Tam Mageean
dragons prophet raid

Riders of Auratia, get ready! Dragon's Prophet is about to launch its first ever raid update, bringing with it the biggest co-op PvE experience the free to play MMO has seen so far.

Following their successful Halloween event, the Dragon's Prophet dept. at Infernum Productions are once again out-doing themselves with a huge update. You'll be fighting as a 10-man-and-dragon army in the new northern continent of Alentia; in its freshly spawned raid dungeon, the Dragonheart Temple, where 4 brand-new legendary dragons are waiting in the darkness. A fifth boss will also be lurking in the temple, but Infernum Productions are keeping that one quiet. You'll just have to brave the temple, and find out for yourself! They have reassured us that the new content and new surprises will be memorable though, and that the new bosses are up to the challenge.

"We ran a group play test yesterday and really had a lot of fun with it. The bosses are unique, challenging, and give some cool rewards."

Dragon's Prophet Screenshot

Other additions to the MMORPG include a raised level-cap to a respectable 90, and the inclusion of the greatly anticipated "Highlord System", which will tie in the the Frontier PvP format. Highlord allows the winning alliances in Frontier PvP wars to become Highlord of their newly conquered territory, opening them up to a host of new challenges, as they defend their Citadel from incoming contenders.

No news on a release date yet, so stay tuned to mmo-play for all the latest!


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