Dragon's Prophet first look at PvP Frontier system

By Michael Jamias
dragons prophet pvp frontier system

This new trailer for the Dragon's Prophet Frontier system shows us the brutal tug-of-war for resources between the alliances.

Dozens of players can participate in all-out Alliance PvP, also known as the Frontier system. Watch the Frontier system trailer below to see what it takes to clinch victory:

Dragon's Prophet players will need to work together to either subdue or repel the opposing side if they hope to win in their Alliance PvP matches. Defenders will need to protect their keep from the onslaught of Attackers, while Attackers must quickly lay siege to the Defenders using tactical machines while trying to minimize losses.

The Alliance PvP is split into multiple stages -- starting with the initial siege at the fortress gates, and then moving into the interior where MMO combatants will fight for control of resource nodes.

To tip the scales in their favor, each side can summon ancient dragons. Mounted and aerial combat are also permitted in Alliance PvP, so expect players to zoom into battle while riding their specially trained dragons.

The video also shows the expansive canyon desert that will serve as the battleground for this all-out conflict.

Dragon's Prophet launches as a free online rpg on September 18 with a fully functional Frontier system.


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