Last day to get 25% off on Dragon’s Prophet pre-orders

By Michael Jamias
dragons prophet preorder discount

As a PSA to all Dragon’s Prophet fans: Those pre-order Dragon Packs that come with sweet titles, exclusive dragons and 1-day early access to open beta can be had at 25% discount.

The quarter-price discount expires today, May 28, 2013, so hurry and secure the discount on the official Dragon’s Prophet pre-order page (

The 25% off on Dragon’s Prophet pre-orders covers all three pre-order boxes aka Dragon Packs, giving buyers at least $5 off on the cheapest Dragon Seeker Pack and a $22.50 discount on the premium Dragon Lord Pack, which is nothing to scoff at for those wanting to inject some frugality in their mmorpg games hobby. Meanwhile, the middle-of-the-road Dragon Master Pack yields $10 in savings.

The discounts end on May 28 because the open beta already begins on May 30. Dragon Pack pre-order owners will be able to enter a whole day earlier, on May 29, before the rest of the free rpg masses.

Developer Runewaker Entertainment have not yet announced the official release date for Dragon’s Prophet, so the open beta could last for at least a month or probably more.

But fans are not too bummed about this – the NDA has been lifted already and there will no longer be character wipes so the open beta should pretty much be like the game has released, only there will be some tweaks to iron out balance and gameplay wrinkles.


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