Dragon's Prophet winter patch 1.1 hits next week

By Michael Jamias
dragons prophet patch

The Wintertide region promises new dungeon challenges in Dragon's Prophet patch 1.1 which releases on July 17.

Starting next week, Dragon's Prophet players can troop to the icy expanse of Wintertide and take on three new dungeons. Each dungeon is home to a formidable final boss and fresh fight mechanics: Dromer Xion the Interrogator in the Torran Prison, Executioner Tarsheed in the Lodar Caves, and Yodrak Elkcrown in Yodrak’s Thunder.

Patch 1.1 also activates the island housing option -- perfect for mmorpg fans who want to take a topical break from the forbidding cold of Wintertide.

The free online rpg from Infernum Productions will also see its level cap raised to 70.

Patch 1.1 will come right after the end of the current in-game event called the Ancient Shadow Festival, which is held in honor of Warthorne, who sacrificed himself during the Second Dragon War.

During the festival, players will be asked to solve a series of riddles and, if successful, earn honor and a unique title. Story enthusiasts will also appreciate learning more about the history of the Great Dragon Wars and the secrets dotting the history of Auratia.

The Dragon's Prophet open beta began late May and the game is still in that testing phase.


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