Dragon's Prophet finally swoops into open beta

By Michael Jamias
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Dragon's Prophet fans, the wait is over! The gates to the sprawling, dragon-filled world of Auratia have been cracked wide open for everyone in North America to explore.

Taking on the role of dragon trainers, players of Dragon's Prophet Open Beta will be able to capture, ride and fight hundreds of unique dragons and see them grow from whelps to full-grown flying behemoths.

“Whether they are terrorizing towns, serving as mighty companions, or swooping in to save the day, dragons unfailingly fascinate us, and pop culture’s interest in these mystical beasts has become insatiable,” said Todd Carson, Senior Producer of Dragon’s Prophet on why he thinks the MMORPG will attract a strong open beta response.

Carson added that on top of the sheer variety of dragons appearing in the online rpg -- arguably one of the most diverse even among the glutted dragon online rpg genre -- it also offers an intricate combat system with extensive customization options for characters and dragons.

All four classes will be available to play in the Dragon's Prophet Open Beta, namely: ranger, sorcerer, guardian or oracle.

Dragon's Prophet will follow the freemium model, with players capable of playing the game completely free but with options to spend on items, features and other add-ons. Dragon's Prophet is set for a commercial launch "later this year."


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