Dragon's Prophet activates Mounted Combat update

By Michael Jamias
dragons prophet mounted combat update

Now riding dragons won't just be for travel and show -- you can actually command your dragon mount to fight for you.

Mounted combat has been enabled for PvE in the namesake Mounted Combat update for Dragon's Prophet, which has just gone live.

Mounted dragons can play as a tank, healer or damage dealer, and can be just as effective in taking down monsters and bosses in both overworld areas and inside dungeons.

This Mounted Combat trailer highlights the advantage of this new fighting option for the free online rpg:

Aching to test the limits of your fire-breathing rides? Go try out mounted combat in the new Shrine of Handras legendary dungeon. Or maybe run through the existing dungeons now that the spawn rate for dungeon ancients has been increased, making them less tedious and more rewarding.

"Dungeon ancients will now have an increased spawn chance after a certain number of runs if the player has not seen it spawn. The number of runs is decreased when running the dungeons in groups," said developers.

The dragon training mmorpg has indeed become cooler with mounted combat, but other improvements seek to lift its customizability. You'll notice the housing system has been upgraded with spiff improvements, and there are dashing new hairstyles and unique faces for both male and female heroes.


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