Dragon's Prophet global launch on September 18

By Michael Jamias
dragons prophet launches september 18

Dragon's Prophet soars to its worldwide release by the middle of next month.

The new free to play mmo will simultaneously launch in Europe and North America on September 18. Dragon's Prophet is developed by Infernum Productions, the same developer of the classic online rpg Runes of Magic.

This new title though centers on mythical dragons, offering more than 300 varieties of the flying beast. Players can tame and customize dragons depending on their preferences and combat playstyles.

The Dragon's Prophet official release will come after the wrap-up of the ongoing open beta that began almost three months ago in end-May.

Andreas Weidenhaupt, CEO at Infernum Productions, noted that the open beta has been invaluable in shaping the game to being release-ready. The open beta paved the way to improving gameplay systems such as dungeons and zones, gathering ideas for new content, optimizing performance and balancing issues that have been cropping up.

The launch should activate the rest of the mmorpg, including its touted features such as massive, cross-server PvP battles with siege weapons. Weidenhaupt also promised an additional zone that will be opened up once the game goes live.

Further down the road, fans can expect additional dragon commands for improved combat coordination, more challenging raids for up to 30-player groups, 10 new regions and dozens of new dungeons, mini games, dynamic events, dragon breeding and daily login rewards.


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