Dragon's Prophet launches in NA and Europe

By Michael Jamias
dragons prophet launches na europe

Dragon's Prophet, arguably the MMO with the largest dragon cast ever, is now available for play.

North American and European fans can now begin capturing more than 300 dragons roaming in the wild. After some intensive training and loving, these dragons pledge their allegiance as your trusy fire-breathing companion. You'll also have the chance to customize your dragon to synergize with your ranger, sorcerer, guardian or oracle character.

The Dragon's Prophet official launch opens up all the available content -- quests, dungeons and the guild system. The live version should also be the first time that most of the fans, including longtime open beta testers, will get to explore the open world frontier system.

Developers said the frontier system "allows players to construct unique houses, form Alliances of up to five guilds, and experience aerial and mounted combat." It also enables large-scale PvP wars as alliances wrestle each other for control of the Auratian Sky Islands.

Developers have already revealed what the near-future updates will bring, and this includes dragon-versus-dragon arenas, a raid system and air-to-air combat. There are also plans to roll out a dragon breeding feature and a dragon compendium to assist players out to catch 'em all.

These features logically build onto the dragon trainer theme that has attracted thousands to its open beta.

Like a typical SOE online rpg, Dragon's Prophet is free to download and free to play in North America via digital download. Meanwhile, EU gamers can also play it for free from the Infernum Productions-managed download site.


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