Dragon's Prophet hatches the Highlord system

By Michael Jamias
dragons prophet highlord system

Welcome the release of the Highlord patch, which stacks the risks and rewards in territorial Sky Island warfare.

The new patch activates the eponymous Highlord system. Under this more competitive system, when a Dragon's Prophet alliance wins against its rivals, it will be granted sole command over an island and gain several advantages over would-be invaders. This gives more incentive for both defenders and attackers to either retain control or take possession of a Sky Island, respectively.

Developers have assigned a special NPC on each island called the Territory Development Adviser, which will give out quests to collect resources needed for the defense, or instruct the alliance to defend strategic locations or risk becoming more vulnerable to assaulting enemies.

True to its name, the alliance leader will become the effective Highlord of the captured island and will have broad sweeping powers to active quests and impose taxes to finance the protection of the territory during sieges.

(Each Sky Island has a crystal tower, which when destroyed, opens up the whole island for full-on invasion.)

The Highlord system is basically a test of leadership for MMORPG alliance leaders. Those who step up to the plate stand to make their mark across the online rpg as a powerful PvP lord and will likely earn the loyalty of admiring subordinates.


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