gamescom 2013: Watch Dragon's Prophet gorgeous new trailer

By Michael Jamias
dragons prophet gamescom 2013 trailer

Runewaker has released a stunning showcase for its dragon-riding mmorpg.

The almost three-minute long Dragon's Prophet trailer for gamescom 2013 is a great visual primer for fans who want to know what the game really has to offer.

The first part of the trailer treats us to the landscape shots of Auratia, the fantasy mmo world of Dragon's Prophet. We see that capital cities are quite modern, with one even having steam trains moving along elevated tracks.

Then the trailer moves on to the Dragon-bonding aspects that arguably sets Dragon's Prophet apart from other rpg games online. Players will be able to form bonds with more than 300 unique dragons, starting from capturing them, then training them to unlock more than 500 active and passive skills, and make them powerful rides in battle.

The rest of the trailer proves the massive content available at launch. Dragon's Prophet will offer more than 2000 quests, hundreds of public quests, and 30 dungeons at launch. It also comes packed with a lot of fan-pleasing features such as mounted combat, massive PvP, crafting, extensive character customization, and dyeable costumes and armor.

Watching this Dragon's Prophet trailer, gamescom attendees should find it hard to resist giving the game a go when it launches free worldwide on September 18.


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