Two publishers taking Dragon’s Prophet to Europe

By Michael Jamias
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Berlin-based publisher Infernum Productions and Deep Silver are tag-teaming to bring Dragon's Prophet to Europe.

Dragon’s Pophet – a free mmo  from Runes of Magic creator Runewaker Entertainment – has been confirmed to have English, German and French versions.

European fans can also stay updated about the game by visiting the brand-new dedicated Dragon’s Prophet Europe site (, which has its own forums. Players are encouraged to hang out in the fourms and interact with the community while waiting for the online rpg to open later this year.

European players will be glad to know that Dragon’s Prophet has been developed with western MMORPG standards in mind, said Infernum Productions. Both hardcore and casual players will find something to like about the game at the very least. The hardcore crowd can focus on dominating the cross-server PvP matches by mastering the game’s action-based combat system, while the casual camp can take their sweet time collecting and training the dozens of dragons around the world.

Dragon’s Prophet is currently on the Family and Friends testing phase, and is set to enter closed beta “in the coming weeks.” To keep European fans pre-occupied until then, community events and contests will be held that will grant guaranteed access to the closed beta.


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