Time to swoop into the Dragon’s Prophet closed beta

By Michael Jamias
dragons prophet closed beta

The doors to Auratia have been thrown wide open for a limited number of participants, with promises of increased inclusion on upcoming stress tests.

The Dragon’s Prophet closed beta will begin on Tuesday, March 19. Players lucky enough to get selected will be able to explore four dangerous zones – the two starter areas of Bakra and Satuma and two other extra zones -- in the dragon-filled MMORPG.

It appears that closed beta testers will be randomly picked among those who registered at the official Dragon’s Prophet website. It’s also suggested that more participants will be added even after the closed beta has started.

“From the 19th March on, anyone who manages to secure a Closed Beta key will be able to play Dragon’s Prophet,” said publisher Infernum Productions.

Those who fail to score a closed beta key can take comfort in the fact that there will be more opportunities to check out Dragon’s Prophet prior to release. There will be an unspecified number of stress tests, which will focus on testing server stability and performance. Developers will also be collecting feedback to improve the play experience.

Like most other RPG Games, Dragon’s Prophet will give closed beta testing priority to the English language version. German and French versions though have been confirmed to become available “later on in the beta process.”

Infernum Productions also teased that the date for the public open beta will be announced “within the next weeks.”


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