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dragons prophet thadrea
We're off to the highland with the opening of the new Dragon's Prophet Thadrea region. A mountainous plateau located in the south of Auratia, Thadrea will be the epicenter of fresh intrigue and dark magic, according to Infernum Productions. Players will want to dig around for answers but remember that snooping is often accompanied by lethal danger.In terms of size, Thadrea is an expansive region filled with unique quests, dungeons and dragon...
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Oct 08 2014
dragons prophet hatchery
One of the coolest names in modern pop-cuture has to be the Game of Thrones title, "Daenerys Targaryen, the First of Her Name, Queen of Meereen, Queen of the Andals and the Rhoynar and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, Protector of the Realm, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, called Daenerys Stormborn, the Unburnt, Mother of Dragons". I'm sure, once you've caught your breath from reading all of that, you'll agree. Coolest thing about it?...
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Sep 10 2014
dragons prophet hatch
Over 300 types of dragons roam the mmo frontiers of Dragon's Prophet, but taming some of the rare, wild breeds can be frustrating, especially if you mess it up. To remedy this, and give players a better chance at collecting dragons, without altering the current system, Runewaker Entertainment Corp have come up with a tidy new mechanic. The new, Dragon's Prophet hatching system means that you no longer have to head out on the hunt for your dragon...
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Jul 21 2014
Dragon's Prophet first anniversary
Fans of all things dragon have a reason to party as the details for the Dragon's Prophet first anniversary celebration have been revealed. The free mmo is popping open the bubbly and giving players a one-in-a-lifetime chance to enjoy a whole host of special events and bonuses. Starting today and lasting for one week, players can adventure in all the special event zones that they may have missed earlier on. If a player missed taking part in t...
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May 27 2014
dragons prophet porthis
The newest Dragon's Prophet content update paves the way to a new untamed mountainous region. Adventurers, behold Porthis, which hosts two adventure dungeons and a hidden area, plus plateaus teeming with humans and treants. This Dragon's Prophet Porthis flythrough video gives you a sneak peek at all the areas you can explore:MMO players begin in the city of Oraville where they can set camp before attempting to clear the Bladeguard ...
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May 22 2014
dragons prophet evolution
Tonight, we got to speak with Senior Producer of Dragon's Prophet, Todd Carson, about the progress of their free to play, fantasy mmorpg, which is in the middle of a huge overhaul. Olandra and the Shrine of Handras Over the course of the next couple of months, Dragon's Prophet will be seeing a host of changes, from new areas and features, to enhanced combat mechanics and individualized dragons and classes. One of the biggest new additions, is t...
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Jan 24 2014
dragons prophet mounted combat update
Now riding dragons won't just be for travel and show -- you can actually command your dragon mount to fight for you. Mounted combat has been enabled for PvE in the namesake Mounted Combat update for Dragon's Prophet, which has just gone live. Mounted dragons can play as a tank, healer or damage dealer, and can be just as effective in taking down monsters and bosses in both overworld areas and inside dungeons. This Mounted Combat trailer highli...
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Jan 17 2014
dragons prophet raid
Riders of Auratia, get ready! Dragon's Prophet is about to launch its first ever raid update, bringing with it the biggest co-op PvE experience the free to play MMO has seen so far. Following their successful Halloween event, the Dragon's Prophet dept. at Infernum Productions are once again out-doing themselves with a huge update. You'll be fighting as a 10-man-and-dragon army in the new northern continent of Alentia; in its freshly spawned raid...
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Nov 05 2013
dragons prophet highlord system
Welcome the release of the Highlord patch, which stacks the risks and rewards in territorial Sky Island warfare. The new patch activates the eponymous Highlord system. Under this more competitive system, when a Dragon's Prophet alliance wins against its rivals, it will be granted sole command over an island and gain several advantages over would-be invaders. This gives more incentive for both defenders and attackers to either retain control or t...
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Oct 31 2013
dragons prophet launches na europe
Dragon's Prophet, arguably the MMO with the largest dragon cast ever, is now available for play. North American and European fans can now begin capturing more than 300 dragons roaming in the wild. After some intensive training and loving, these dragons pledge their allegiance as your trusy fire-breathing companion. You'll also have the chance to customize your dragon to synergize with your ranger, sorcerer, guardian or oracle character. The Dra...
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Sep 18 2013