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  • Dragons and Titans: Game Types

    Dragons and Titans: Game Types
    This game has both multiplayer pvp and co-op; including a singleplayer mode....
    Dragons and Titans: Game Types

    Dragons and Titans: Dragons

    Dragons and Titans: Dragons
    There's plenty of dragons, every single dragon truly has unique skills and powers....
    Dragons and Titans: Dragons

    Dragons and Titans: Runes

    Dragons and Titans: Runes
    As you level up you can modify your build with runes that will increase the strength of your dragons in battle....
    Dragons and Titans: Runes

    Dragons and Titans: Combat

    Dragons and Titans: Combat
    There's tons of action and fast-paced combat, plenty of strategy as well....
    Dragons and Titans: Combat

Dragons and Titans Gameplay First Look

Dragons and Titans Gameplay First Look

Dragons and Titans, developed by Wyrmbyte and published in collaboration with Zynga, is a MOBA style free MMO. Wyrmbyte is an indie gaming company led by Scott Brown. Dragons and Titans is one of those games that doesn’t require any installation or download, it’s integrated into Facebook’s gaming platform so players only need a Facebook account to access it. Dragons and Titans has 3D graphics and a fantasy theme. Although Facebook games are usually for the casual playerbase, Dragons and Titans aims at the semi hardcore gamers that don’t want to be tied to a computer and an internet cable. Dragons and Titans is playable on any device that can run a web browser with Flash Player.

Players create 5 man teams and compete against each other to win Dragons and Titans matches. Gameplay mechanics have MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) features. The first MOBA game was in fact a Warcraft 3 scenario. It rapidly gained popularity and evolved into a stand alone gaming genre. League of Legends and DotA2 are some of the most played MOBA games. The reason players are so attracted to this genre is the competitive atmosphere and fast paced PvP matches. Dragons and Titans browser MMO players have to choose a hero to represent them in battle. Playable Dragons and Titans heroes are dragons. There are 17 different dragons to choose from. Each one has special abilities and a unique play style. Direborn is a skeleton dragon that can conjure bone storms and unholy spells. Bladeforge and Tanglewing are some other playable dragons. Players build up their dragons as the match advances. When enough XP is gained more abilities are unlocked. Dragons also have permanent growth. The best strategy is to stick with a dragon until you master it and then switch to another to experience a new play style. Dragons and Titans players can also use weapons. There is a selection of 16 Dragons and Titans available weapons.

There is a fantasy story behind Dragons and Titans. Long time ago, 2 titans clashed into an epic fight. Their conflict is not over yet but now they fight through their champions. The 2 titans are Hyperion and Astaroth. Players pick one titan to fight for. Dragons and Titans lore doesn’t influence gameplay. It’s just a matter of personal preference. Dragons and Titans is a free to play MMO that has content for single player too. Dragons and Titans is constantly updated and gets new additions every week.

By Rachel Rosen


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