Dragonica launches part 1 of dungeon-filled Cassiopeia expansion

By Michael Jamias
dragonica cassiopeia expansion launch

Prepare to take on 11 new dungeons in Dragonica.

The new Dragonica Cassiopeia expansion will be split into two parts. Part 1, which has just been launched, will give access to 5 of the 11 new cosmic dungeons. Each of the five dungeons will only be opened each day of the week, according to developer Webzen Inc.

Players are encouraged to log on daily to run the dungeons because these will drop entry tickets for the next 5 dungeons coming out in Cassiopeia expansion Part 2 sometime later this summer.

All players in the free to play mmo regardless of level can enter the new dungeons, but will be restricted from pursuing more difficult modes unless they hit certain levels.

So players level 59 and below will be able to enter the dungeons in “normal” mode. But only players up to level 69 can enter the “rare” mode and level 70 players up can challenge the ultimate “hero” mode.

Webzen said that some of the new dungeons represent the largest the free online rpg has seen. They will also provide quite a challenge, with powerful bosses populating each dungeon. Those who complete it though will be rewarded with special items.

Aside from the new dungeons, Part 1 of the Cassiopeia expansion will roll out class rebalancing changes as well as other quality of play improvements.


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