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  • Dragon Soul: classes

    Dragon Soul: classes
    Pick from one of 4 classes available in Dragon Soul....
    Dragon Soul: classes

    Dragon Soul: Fireball

    Dragon Soul: Fireball
    Fireball requires a 1 handed weapon to cast. It does high damage but has a bit of a cast time and cooldown period....
    Dragon Soul: Fireball

    Dragon Soul: Ice Spear

    Dragon Soul: Ice Spear
    My Ice Spear requires a staff to cast. This is a spammable spell that is instant cast....
    Dragon Soul: Ice Spear

    Dragon Soul: horse

    Dragon Soul: horse
    This is my horse. My horse is amazing......
    Dragon Soul: horse

Dragon Soul First Look

Dragon Soul First Look

Dragon Soul is a free MMORPG game inspired by Asian Mythology. Dragon Soul offers extensive PvP features, making it a fun title pulse-pounding PvP action fans.

Dragon Soul gives players the option of choosing from one of four distinct classes, Warriors, Mages, Assassins and Hunters. Each class follows a typical MMORPG archetype but several branches become available while leveling, making each class highly versatile and customizable. As Dragon Soul has such a heavy focus on PvP, players can choose to align with eight different kingdoms, each of which represents a different team while in PvP combat.

Although the hardcore PvP and highly detailed PvE make Dragon Soul a great game, the really unique features are merged into the games innovative social system. You're expected to fight for your country, for death or glory, but your country doesn't expect this for nothing. Individual players can become kings of an entire nation, controlling diplomatic relations, access to unique areas and having several unique abilities. This system sets Dragon Soul apart from practically every other MMO game on the market, offering players the chance to earn enough reputation on the battlefield, to be entrusted with the safety of an entire nation.

Dragon Soul is home to even more variety in the form of the crafting and pet systems. Players are able to choose from six unique crafts, giving them the ability to create everything from potions to devastating weapons. Pets are available early in the game, allowing players to breed different animals and monsters together to create more powerful pets and mounts. Each pet has their own set of stats that improve as they level. Using the combine pet stats ability lets you link your pets stats with your own, thus strengthening both of you for battle. Different pets serve as different types in combat, some focus on damage and crowd control while others take a more supportive role using buffs and healing.

By Rachel Rosen

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