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  • Dragon Saga: choose race

    Dragon Saga: choose race
    Your first character must be a human. But you can eventually create a dragonkin!...
    Dragon Saga: choose race

    Dragon Saga: buildings

    Dragon Saga: buildings
    Meet MMOPlay, the magician. The huge eyes, clothes, hair... yes this is definitely an anime graphics style....
    Dragon Saga: buildings

    Dragon Saga: Pororing

    Dragon Saga: Pororing
    Pororing does his best impression of Navi from Zelda. He flies around you and talks to you when he wants something done....
    Dragon Saga: Pororing

    Dragon Saga: spell

    Dragon Saga: spell
    Spell graphics are quite flashy. That poor wolf was lit up... literally....
    Dragon Saga: spell

Dragon Saga First Look

Dragon Saga First Look

Dragon Saga is a free to play MMORPG combining a cute graphic style with an impressive list of features. Dragon Saga includes a large array of features that you would usually only associate with a P2P MMORPG, such as a great pet system, a combo based combat system, and the ability to marry other players in-game.

One of the most notable features of Dragon Saga is the extensive item system. There are hundreds of weapon and clothing items available, all of which have customizable stats and passive abilities. There are 2 main aspects to the item customization system, Enchanting and Soul Crafting. Enchanting works in a similar way to other MMORPG games, players must collect certain resources to combine with their items to improve the base stats. Soul Crafting is a little more exotic as it increases the items value as well as the stats, using a typical item-color based system seen in many popular MMO titles.

Dragon Saga uses a unique approach for PvP, focusing around guild based tournaments. Like characters in the game, guilds level up by earning experience points gained from guild members completing quests, with higher levels unlocking guild specific abilities. Players can create a guild once they get to level 20, and then participate in knockout style competitions. Each guild in the competition can wager a certain amount of experience points, resulting in action-based PvP promising great rewards.

Another great feature to Dragon Saga is the marriage system. Although this is becoming quite common in today's RPG games, Dragon Saga adds features that actually make it worthwhile, rather than just a floating title above your head. It's easy to get married, players simply open a menu and send an invitation. Once two people are married they gain access to a large variety of perks and new skills. The couple can track each-others location throughout the game world and even teleport if one is in danger. Other features include relationship specific emotes, abilities and skills.

Other innovative aspects of Dragon Saga include a highly customizable housing system, offering players their own personal space that can be filled with furniture, items and other useful objects. The pet system is also highly in-depth, offering pets that progress alongside the player as battle companions or even mounts.

By Rachel Rosen


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