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  • Dragon Raja: char

    Dragon Raja: char
    While creating your character you can choose your class and starting job. These will determine your beginning gear and which skill...
    Dragon Raja: char

    Dragon Raja: start

    Dragon Raja: start
    The starting area is a safe zone. Wander around talking to NPCs and 'mooing' at cows. If you want more adventure, you'll have to l...
    Dragon Raja: start

    Dragon Raja: craft

    Dragon Raja: craft
    Head to crafting stations to craft items with your items. Get ready to spend a little money in game money while crafting....
    Dragon Raja: craft

    Dragon Raja: kill

    Dragon Raja: kill
    You be able to attack monsters, you need to switch from peaceful to battle. You can fight players by selecting PK. Or just duke it...
    Dragon Raja: kill

Dragon Raja Gameplay

Dragon Raja Gameplay

Dragon Raja, developed by Alea Interactive and published by DR-Global, is a free mmorpg based on a series of fantasy books also called Dragon Raja. The Dragon Raja world and a few of the important characters served as an inspiration source for Dragon Raja game developers. Dragon Raja is a classic online rpg. Players create a character and pick up primary and secondary professions. Dragon Raja has a cash shop where players can buy unique items. The currency used is Raja Emblems (RE). Players can get RE from trading items, by donating money to help with Dragon Raja maintenance or receive them as a gift. The best Dragon Raja players and top guilds are listed on the official website.

Dragon Raja has solid rpg mechanics and character development. It’s important to note that Dragon Raja has been around for about 10 years so there aren’t too many innovative features or breathtaking graphics. Players can choose one of the 5 available classes to create a Dragon Raja character. The Warrior can use a wide range of weapons that deal physical damage. He is a strong melee fighter. The Archer is a versatile class. The distance between an Archer and his target doesn’t mean anything. The Archer can act as a melee or a ranged class. The Thief will prefer sneaking and backstabbing, rather than engaging in a face to face battle. The Wizard possesses magical attacks. Speed and ranged attacks allow the Wizard to strike unnoticed. The Priest is the class everyone will want in their team. The Priest can heal and buff his allies. Priests and Wizards have an arsenal of spells they can use. The other classes use weapons to deal damage. The Tactics stat will influence the damage dealt with a weapon. Different weapons have different tactics requirements. Mobs drop Combat Skill books that are used to learn new skills. There are several types of combat skills: darkness, wind, ice, fire, earth and lighting.

Dragon Raja has a profession system divided into primary and secondary jobs. There are 13 jobs and characters can learn as many as they want. The primary jobs are actually gathering professions: mining, butchering, fishing, harvesting herbs, lumberjacking and farming. The secondary jobs are: alchemy, carpentry, candle making, blacksmithing, tailoring, cooking and bow crafting. Players can become Merchants by maxing out all 13 jobs. Merchants gain access to the marketplace and receive a crafting bonus. Almost the entire Dragon Raja world is open for PvP. War, Castle War and Dungeon Quest are PvP events. Monster War is a PvE event in Dragon Raja free to play mmo.

By Rachel Rosen

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