Sphinx class glides into Dragon Oath with release of third expansion

By Michael Jamias
dragon oath sphinx class third expansion

Dragon Oath’s third expansion, Soul of the Sphinx, unleashes the lightining-powered class as well as new exploration areas, new instances and a raised level cap.

The Sphinx class, which brings up to ten the number of playable Dragon Oath classes, “offers players an intriguing new choice of character with special abilities in close combat and powerful lightning attacks that make it a welcome addition to any adventurous party,” said ChangYou.com, which publishes the free online rpg.

Watch the Sphinx class in action in the trailer below:

On top of the new class, the Soul of the Sphinx expansion also provides fresh challenges. New maps and instances will appear in the MMO world – including Sanctity Grasslands, Flame Palace and a new level to Qin’s Emperor Dungeon – all of which should provide enough variety in content as players strive to reach the new level cap.

Min-maxers looking to boost their characters even more can take advantage of advanced training to increase rpg stats, as well as acquire and cultivate Souls which boost attributes when leveled up.

There is also a new Social System which will try to enhance communications between players via updated team matchmaking and chat features. And of course, a fresh crop of class and general mounts are now waiting to be captured and flaunted around the game world.


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