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  • Dragon Oath: character

    Dragon Oath: character
    The character creation process does not include choosing a class. Eventually, you can specialize your character in game. But for n...
    Dragon Oath: character

    Dragon Oath:quest

    Dragon Oath:quest
    Click on the coordinates in your quest log to auto run to the next point of interest....
    Dragon Oath:quest

    Dragon Oath: ui

    Dragon Oath: ui
    There is a lot of information in the interface. Your character's stats increase as you level up. Remember to grab your periodic re...
    Dragon Oath: ui

    Dragon Oath: combat

    Dragon Oath: combat
    Click on monsters to auto attack and use active abilities by pressing the appropriate hotkey. In this case, the 'f keys'....
    Dragon Oath: combat

Dragon Oath Gameplay

Dragon Oath Gameplay

Dragon Oath is a fantasy Chinese mmorpg, developed and published by ChangYou. Dragon Oath characters are inspired by Buddhist demi gods. Although these demi gods are not mortals, they follow the same reincarnation rules. Dragon Oath tells the story of 5 families: Western Xia, Tubo, Song, Dali and Liao. Players will experience Dragon Oath as a member of one of the five enemy clans. They will also dive into a world full of ancient Chinese themes reflected by quests story and graphical details. Players are encouraged to group up not just for quests but also for social and role playing events. Dragon Oath has a rich lore that allows unique role playing. High level Dragon Oath players can embark on three heroic adventures. The master apprentice feature is a great way for new and experienced players to earn unique pets and other items.

Completing Dragon Oath quests is the most common way of getting XP. If you want to speed up leveling, team up with guildies to run dungeons and take part in level appropriate events. Dragon Oath free online rpg has several class types: Voodoo, Royalty, Assassin, Minstrel, Pyromancer, Taoist, Lotus Order, Shaolin and Beggars Alliance. Every class can get a unique mount at level 40 and 60. Dragon Oath has a special mount that can carry 2 players. Yan Tomb is a raid with 9 bosses. Here, players have the chance to acquire Pearls of King Yan. A powerful armor set can be obtained in exchange for these Pearls. Dragon Oath has all sorts of mobs and bosses. They differ in level, type, dropped loot and special abilities. Owning a pet comes with several benefits. Pets fight by their master's side. There are lots of Dragon Oath pets and getting them all can be very time consuming.

Dragon Oath is a free to play mmo where player killing is allowed. A party of at least three people can sign up for the Arena Chest event. Mt. Sanctity is the location for this event that can support an impressive number of 500 players. The goal is to get the golden chest and several other rewards. Each class has several PvP skills and abilities. Every Thursday and Sunday, Dragon Oath classes have a chance to prove themselves in Class Arena PvP event. Players of the same class team up and fight in Dragon Oath Class Arena. Dragon Oath has a complex player interaction system. There is more to Dragon Oath socialization than grouping together and forming guilds. Dragon Oath supports its own social network. Dragon Oath has daily events and not all of them are related to player or mob killing. Trade Day event is all about economics and knowing how to make Dragon Oath money.

By Rachel Rosen


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